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5 (Five) Breast Cancer Home Checks You Can Do


Doing a regular check on your breasts can help you identify early warning signs when it comes to breast cancer. Breast cancer can affect both men and women, therefore, making sure that you keep an eye out for these signs and symptoms can help you get medical assistance while it is still early.

How to do a self-examination at home

You can choose to stand in front of a mirror or to lay down on your bed. Covering your fingers with soap or massage oils can make it easier for your hand to glide across your skin. Lift your arms above your head and see if there are any changes in your breast in the form of a lump, dimple, difference in size of one breast, or redness around your breast. Use your three middle fingers to feel around your breast. You can do this in a figure of six around your breast to feel for any lumps. Seek medical attention should you feel anything or notice any of these signs:


Lump in breast or underarm

A self-examination test can help you detect any cancerous lumps which vary in size. The only difference with a cancerous lump is that it is usually hard and doesn’t move when you touch it. Going for a mammogram is crucial to detecting lumps that are well hidden and can’t be felt. Although mammograms are recommended for women 40 years and older, it can also be beneficial for women who are younger who have concerns.


Nipple discharge

The only time your nipples should release any discharge is during lactation after having given birth. Nipple discharge that is clear or any other color when you are not breastfeeding is usually a warning sign that something is wrong.


Changes in your nipple or breast

Breast cancer symptoms can appear differently from person to person. Changes in your nipple are usually a sign of this. If your nipple pulls inward, is dimpled, burns, develops sores or itches frequently then it could be an early warning sign. It is crucial to consult with a medical professional immediately to help you receive adequate treatment. Ignoring these signs and symptoms can cause more damage later on.


A swollen breast

Healthy breasts are usually more or less the same size and are not frequently tender. Should you find that one breast is unusually larger than the other one, or is swollen, seek medical attention immediately. If cancer is caught while it is in its early stages, it can be treated and does increase your remission rate.


Skin irritation around the breast

Both men and women have breast tissue that can develop cancerous cells. Breast cancer can also affect children, which is why it is important to stick to a regular medical regime to catch out any irregularities while it is still early. Irritation around the breast in the form of it turning red, flakiness, or scaling is a warning sign.

Not everyone will experience these symptoms. There are people who never experience any symptoms at all, which is why it is crucial to go for monthly check-ups that can help you find any changes as soon as possible.



Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer