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Welcome To Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited

Thank you for being part of the Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited Family. We as a family of the Heath Paradise are guided by the principle of – Providing Quality and Affordable Medicine and Health Services. This philosophy accompanied by our core values provides Kofikrom Pharmacy the guidance to contribute to the health needs of everyone in the society we serve in.

Since the company started business in 2015, we have come to appreciate the immense contribution our value system, which is based on leadership and excellence, has made to the growth and advancement of our operations. In the competitive global environment, Kofikrom Pharmacy believes that its destiny lies in fairness to all partners/ stakeholders, honesty in all undertakings and perseverance in all things.

As a member of an industry that is involved in the lives of individuals, every member of the Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited family is aware of the highest ethical standards and a sense of mission expected of them in all duties.

We shall continue in our efforts to contribute our quota to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa especially Ghana and fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in the communities we operate. Continue to stay with Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited !

Branded Generics
70 Products
Regional Presence
All 16 Regions In Ghana

Activity Highlights

Our Divisions


We maintain a high standard of quality in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Through our manufacturing division, we are able to meet the health needs of all segments of the market with affordable medicine. The manufacturing division of Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited started operation in the year 2017...
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Retailing & Distributions

We provide a full range of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices to all our customers. This philosophy allows us to contribute to the health needs of everyone in the society. We are the fastest growing pharmaceutical retailing and distribution company in Ghana. With our extensive network of..
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