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Pharmacists lament exclusion from 40 percent pay rise


The National Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria (AHAPN) has described the exclusion of Pharmacists from the implementation of the recent 40 percent increase in the pay of Federal Civil servants in the country as discriminatory and unacceptable.

The association conveyed its dissatisfaction in a statement in Lagos by its National Chairman, Olabode Ogunjemiyo, saying that the exclusion of pharmacists from the implementation of the pay rise is a sad development.
He said: ‘’The Pharmacists in the nation are saddened with this development especially now that there is a mass exodus of her members to other nations for greener pastures.’’
‘’Pharmacists be included without further delay in the 40% pay rise and the arrears be paid with immediate effect. It is on record that Pharmacists across the nation are yet to experience any increase in pay since 2010 despite efforts and other health workers to seek salary increments over the years with collective bargaining agreements reached in most cases.

He noted that all civil servants are subjected to the same economic realities in the country.

‘’We go to the same market, buy the same PMS(petrol) and diesel, pay the same school fees for our children, etc. it is therefore discriminatory to exclude Pharmacists from the 40% pay rise.

Ogunjemiyo added: ‘’We, therefore, pray for the immediate implementation of the Pharmacists Consultancy Cadre to relevant consultants, payment of relativity arrears for Pharmacists outstanding since 2014, adjustment of Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) to meet up with current realities, implementation of Pharm. D entry point for Doctor of Pharmacists holders, implementation of the increased call duty allowance from 2-4% for Pharm. D holders and recommencement of payment of DRF allowance to Pharmacists and other operators of the Drug Revolving Funds Scheme.’’

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