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More drugs in short supply than official list: Greek pharmacists


More than 235 essential medicines missing from shelves of Greek pharmacies, including insulin, Alzheimer’s medicines, and antibiotics


The official list of drugs missing from Greek drug store shelves is larger than the official numbers, according to Greek pharmacists.

Recent drug shortages which were temporarily covered by Health Ministry measures at the beginning of the year have returned, while new medicines have now been added to the shortage list, according to the Pharmaceutical Association of Attica (FSA), which includes the capital, Athens.

Many drugs, like antibiotics, anti-tetanus serums, insulin, inhalers, and cardiac medicines, are not only missing from the market but there is no prospect of stability in the immediate future, pharmacists said.

“There are very important drugs that are missing, like antibiotics, for example Augmentin, Klaricid, or Amoxil, which is very common,” Anna Kostantinidi, an assistant pharmacist, told Anadolu.

“We have patients that need insulin injections, and we can’t provide it as well as medicines for dementia and Alzheimer’s,” Kostantinidi said.

Despite the fact that the national medicines organization EOF said that the updated lists of medicines facing shortages listed 235 drugs, pharmacists say the real list is much longer.

“For months now we haven’t had any deliveries of Exelon patches or Ebixa which are for Alzheimer’s,” pharmacist Rafael Siakos told Anadolu.

Included in the shortage list are several antihistamine medicines that treat common allergies or colds, pharmacists said.

“These medicines are essential at this time of the year when children’s allergies are at peak,” a pharmacist that spoke on condition of anonymity told Anadolu.

“We lack cortisone eye drops or pills to provide our customers, we don’t have medicine for the common cold,” he said.

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