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Our Beginning

The manufacturing division of Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited started operation in the year 2020, located at the Heart of Accra in Ghana.

We do not compromise on our high standard of quality in manufacturing of our pharmaceutical products. Through our manufacturing division, we are able to meet the health needs of all segments of the market with affordable medicines.

Product Range and Capacity

Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited is capable of producing on annual basis a wide range of dosage forms and quantities. These products include:

These products falls in different ranges which includes but not limited to Analgesics, Antimalarial Drugs, Antibacterial Drugs, Vitamins and Minerals, Sedatives and Hypnotics, Anti-Protozoal Drugs, Oral Rehydration Salts, Antacids, Anti-Hypertensives and Diuretics etc.

Our manufacturing division produces different finished Pharmaceutical Products for the Ghanaian market.

We have initiated an investment program to build a new and fully Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant facility to complement our current output generation effort. This facility upon completion shall increase output generation by about 300 percent.

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