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How To Protect Your Kidneys From Damage


The kidneys, which are two small organs on either side of the spine, perform a lot of functions in the body, including filtering toxins and waste from the blood. This is then passed to the bladder and removed from the body in form of urine. The kidney also helps in the regulation of body pH and blood pressure and also balances salt and potassium levels in the body. With that many functions and more, taking care of your kidney is very important.


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Like every other organ in the body, the kidney can develop problems due to various reasons. Kidney disease is a condition that prevents the kidney from carrying out its proper functions. In severe cases, a kidney transplant may become necessary. Kidney transplants are not only expensive, but may not be the proper solution to the problem, as the body may reject the new kidney, or the new kidney may also fail years after. Besides that, kidney disease could also lead to complications that can lead to heart disease, anaemia, high blood pressure, and so on.

To prevent all of that, you have to take good and proper care of your kidney. So today, we would be looking at ways to protect your kidney from damage.

Eat Healthier Foods

The foods you eat affects every part of your body, including your kidney. Making the right choice to eat healthily would protect your kidney from damage. Try and include green leafy vegetables in your food. This includes spinach, waterleaf, and other green vegetables you can find around you.

Also, eat less fried foods. Instead of frying your fish and meat, you can simply boil them instead. This also means you should avoid processed foods, as most have been fried. Try and cook with less salt. You can make use of other spices to avoid making use of a lot of salt in your cooking.

Make the right choice by going with whole-grain foods, like brown rice, oats, whole wheat bread, and so on. Whole-grain foods are more healthy as they contain more nutrients than regular grain.

Avoid processed or junk foods as much as you can. Processed/junk foods contain a lot of fats and added sugars, which are two things you should try to cut down on.

Just make sure that you try to eat foods that are natural and fresh as much as you can. You can find out some of the healthy Ghanaian foods for kidney health.

Stay Fit

Exercises are not just for building your body or losing weight. They also protect your internal organs as well. When you do exercises, like running, cycling, skipping, they help to reduce your blood pressure and improve your heart health, two things which would have a positive impact on your kidney.

Exercising would also help you to lose weight or keep your weight in check, which is very important. People who are overweight are at great risk of having kidney disease. There are many simple exercises you can do everyday at home to stay fit.

Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

Since high blood pressure is one of the causes of kidney disease, you should do your best to monitor your blood pressure. That way, you can know how to keep things down when you discover your blood pressure is high. Try and go for blood pressure checkup at least once a year.


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Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit with a lot of negative impacts. One of the effects of long-term smoking is that it restricts blood flow to vital organs, including the kidney. You may need to speak with a doctor on the best way you can stop smoking. Limiting alcohol consumption is another recommended way to protect your kidneys from damage.

Limit Your Use of Over-The-Counter Pills

Over-the-counter (OTC) pills are medications you can buy at the pharmacist store, or any other store, without the need for a prescription. Some common OTC medications include ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, and so on. If you take these drugs every day or four times a week, you may be putting yourself at risk of kidney disease.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water regularly would greatly benefit your kidneys. You do not have to wait till you are thirsty before you drink water. Water helps to remove toxins and sodium from the kidneys. This helps to prevent kidney stones. If you are looking for a reason to drink more water, then protecting your kidneys from damage should definitely spur you to do so.

Talk To Your Doctor 

An important way to protect your kidneys from damage is to consult your doctor as often as possible. You should ask your doctor questions about your kidneys during your next medical visit. Your doctor will inform you if you are at risk of any kidney diseases or immediately let you know if you have kidney disease. The sooner you find out can prevent or get treatment to help protect your kidneys. If your older or overweight it’s important to go for regular kidney function tests.

Bottom Line

The kidneys play a vital role in our health and wellbeing. They responsible for many functions in the body, and as such, should be taken care of. This article above have provided you with tips on how to protect your kidneys from damage. Strictly adhere to them and your kidneys will thank you by giving you good health.