Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited provides a wide range of affordable and efficacious proprietary medicines, UK generics, locally manufactured branded and generic medicines, medical disposables and medical equipment.

Kofikrom also pride ourselves in hosting products from very well standardized and research-oriented international manufacturing companies that deal in organic food items and herbal preparations.

Branded Generics
70 Products
Regional Presence
All 16 Regions In Ghana

Message from cEO

Quotes By Kofi Addo-Agyekum

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"Great Leadership Brews Great followership & Fellowship"
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"Communication is the fuel to Greatness"
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"Don't be conflicted, inflicted or afflicted by defeat, for defeat is success in disguise to the wise and clairvoyant"
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"The experience and manifestation of the frailties of man draws him nearer to GOOD and farther away from EVIL"
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"The unflinching faith in GOD and SELF is the talisman to creativity and innovation "
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"A word of prayer a day is tonic to the Soul "
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"Like phototropism and geotropism, mankind gravitate towards the ultimate GODHEAD from birth to death"
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Corporation Info

With only 6 operational years and counting, 70 registered branded generics, well-trained staff and nationwide presence, Kofikrom continuously grows, grounded firmly in its vision of becoming the centre of leadership in healthcare worldwide.

To promote good health to human kind through production, distribution and sale of quality, affordable and accessible pharmaceutical and medical products and services.

To be a centre of leadership in healthcare worldwide.

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

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