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6 Side Effects of Drinking Coffee Everyday


Many people claim they cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. This is because it gives them that boost they need to get things done. But does it come at a cost? What are the side effects, if any, of coffee? 



Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans. These days, the beans are crushed and processed in the form of powder, which is then mixed with hot water to create this drink that many people around the world cannot get enough of. By itself, coffee is quite bitter, and people add sugar and cream to improve the taste.


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A lot of people who drink coffee do so because of how it makes them feel. For some, it gives them the energy needed to start the day, while for others, it allows them to stay up at night when they need to.

In other words, it is a drink with purported health benefits, some of which have been backed by science. Studies have shown that drinking coffee is safe for most people when consumed in low-to-moderate amounts





However, high doses and overly regular consumption of caffeine may have unpleasant and even some side effects.

Drinking coffee, especially every day, can affect your health adversely in the long term. This is because coffee contains caffeine, which is what produces the effects we commonly associate coffee consumption with. 

In this article by Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited, we will be discussing some of the side effects of drinking coffee everyday. But before then, let us first understand what caffeine is. 


Caffeine is a substance found in many plants, including coffee beans, kola nuts, tea leaves, and so on. It is a stimulant that has a bitter taste, hence why the plants that contain it taste bitter. 

Caffeine is used in the production of food and drinks, and even some medicines contain it. This is because of how it interacts with the body. Some of the effects of caffeine include 

– alertness

– elevated mood 

– improved cognitive function 

– reduces muscle soreness and much more. 

From what we have seen, these effects can allow people to have more productive days, regardless of what they are doing. Caffeine in itself is not bad, but too much of it can have some adverse effects on the body. And this is because caffeine is a drug in every sense of the word. 


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It is important to note that not all coffee contains caffeine, but most adults would rather drink the one with caffeine as that is the one that ‘works.’ 

Let us now discuss some of the possible side effects of drinking coffee everyday.

1. Increased Anxiety 

Drinking caffeinated coffee everyday could lead to an increase in anxiety. This could lead to increased heartbeats, rapid breathing, body heating up, and other common symptoms of anxiety. 

2. Restlessness 

Drinking too much coffee can also make one feel restless, especially at night. This is why it is not advised to drink coffee at night, especially if you are hoping to get quality sleep. This could even lead to insomnia in the long term. 

3. High Cholesterol Levels 

There are also chances that one’s bad cholesterol levels could increase by drinking unfiltered coffee. Bad cholesterol has been linked to heart disease and other conditions.  

Most of the coffee you buy in the market would claim to be filtered. But if you are going to make the coffee yourself, such as directly from roasted coffee beans, then you should endeavour to filter the coffee before drinking it to reduce the effects of cholesterol. 

4. Stomach Upset 

People who drink coffee can relate to the discomfort they face in the stomach after having a cup. Although this may not happen to everybody, it is still something very important to take note of. 

5. Dependency 

As we noted above, caffeine is a drug, and consuming it so often would lead to a dependency. This is when people cannot fungi on normally until they have coffee.

They may also need to drink more cups of coffee per day to feel the effect they used to feel when they first started drinking coffee.

The problem with this type of dependency is that it could lead them to try other substances that could make them feel a certain way. 


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6. Inability To Sleep

One reason why people love caffeine is because of its ability to them people stay awake.

However, drinking caffeine everyday can make it difficult for you to sleep.

According to medical studies, regular caffeine intake might make it hard to fall asleep. It may also reduce your total sleeping time.


Coffee is a healthy beverage and when you take coffee moderately, you will reap the health benefits.

However, high or excessively frequent consumption of coffee can lead to the above side effects of drinking coffee every day