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5 Damaging Health Effects Of Overthinking


Do you find yourself overthinking a lot? You are not the only one. Overthinking is very common, especially among the adult population, especially between the ages of 25 and 55. This might not be surprising, given that people who are in that age bracket often have a lot of responsibilities and dedications to meet up with. From your studies to work to relationships, and much more, there is a lot that can cause one to overthink. But is it the right thing?



The short and simple answer is ‘no’. There is nothing wrong with thinking about an issue to provide solutions or to seek clarity. But when you find yourself constantly thinking and worrying about one thing in particular, then it becomes a problem, one with a lot of consequences, especially on your health.


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Contrary to what it may seem like, overthinking does not provide solutions to any problem. Instead, it only creates more problems. The more you think of a particular issue, the more you focus on the negatives. You would never gain clarity that way and you may end up making more mistakes than you intended to.

Today, Kofikrom Pharmacy Limited would be looking at some of the health effects of overthinking.



1. Overthinking Could Lead To High Blood Pressure

People who overthink are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure. Overthinking stresses your brain and this stress could, gradually, cause your blood pressure to surge. High blood pressure is a serious condition that could lead to heart complications or even death.

If you find yourself overthinking often, go for a blood pressure test so that you can know how to help yourself. There are foods you can eat to bring your blood pressure under control.

2. Overthinking Ruins Your Appetite 

Overthinking could also affect the way you eat. It suppresses your appetite, making you skip meals. You may go days without eating. This could cause you to lose weight in a very unhealthy way.



3. Overthinking Leads To Anxiety

If you overthink often, you may develop anxiety, which is a response to stress. Anxiety could manifest physical symptoms like shaky hands, sweating profusely, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, and so on.


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4. Overthinking Affects Your Sleep

Another bad effect of overthinking is that it could keep you up at night when you are supposed to be resting. This could affect your sleep schedule and you would be very tired during the day. You may also catch yourself trying to get some sleep when you should be active or working during the day. This would make you look tired all the time and affect how you go about your day.

4. Overthinking Drains You Mentally

There is this drained feeling that comes with overthinking. You would end up feeling empty at the end of the day, as you would have directed all your thoughts and energy to that thing worrying you. This could make you uninterested in a lot of things that could normally interest you. Simple things, like making a conversation or going to the store could become so strenuous as you would not have any energy left for anything else.

Bottom Line

The health effects of overthinking can be detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing. If you find yourself constantly overthinking, you can talk to a doctor or seek the help of a therapist. You can also try discussing your problem with other people to seek a solution. The famous line in Zlatan Ibile’s  song ‘overthinking no fit solve problem’ should remind you that overthinking can’t make you feel better, but will only damage your health. Therefore, be determined to be positive and looking on the brighter side.